Herzlich Medal Illustration



The Harold Herzlich Distinguished Technology Achievement Medal recognizes those innovators, who through persistence and dedication, have advanced a paradigm shift in tire manufacturing, tire reliability or performance. Many innovations are quietly reaching the factory floor and it is the goal of ITEC to seek out individuals who go beyond abstract concepts and have been able push the evolution of tire manufacturing toward products that satisfy increasing product expectations and demands.

This award seeks to recognize an individual:

  • Whose innovation(s) has advanced a paradigm shift in tire manufacturing, tire reliability or performance; or created an innovation in rubber in general, as long as it also benefits the tire industry. This could encompass materials, technology, processing, and any other aspect of the rubber-tire industry.
  • Whose innovation(s) has created a significant impact on the application side of the innovation equation
  • Whose innovation has led to a substantive or major change, rather than an incremental one

2022 WINNER 

We are delighted to announce that Will Mars, Founder and President of Endurica L.L.C., has been selected as the recipient of the 2022 Harold Herzlich Distinguished Technology Achievement Medal. Read more

Previous Winners


Industry veteran Walter Waddell was presented with the award during the ITEC 2020 Virtual Edition held in September 2020. Read more





During ITEC 2018, the medal was presented to Steve Cron, co-inventor of Michelin's Tweel technology, which re-imagined the tire with a built-in wheel made of polyurethane. Read more





The 2016 award was given to Andreas Limper, who was honored for his lifetime contributions to the industry. That included 35 patents on rubber and processing, having his work printed in about 180 publications and authoring several books. Read more